Spray Arc offers a full line up of quality truck rigging products and services. For a faster turn around time you are supported by both our design/build team and our truck rig up and fabrication facilities. Spray Arc is also excited to introduce our signature outfitter products under the branded name FTX. These truck outfitting products are maximized for their long lasting durability and they are made with easy to install features. 

Spray arc fabrication services

Metal fabrication is the foundation of our business. Its our eighteenth year! Its our craft and we love it. From concept to production serving our local market or tooling up for big projects. 

Spray arc truck design services

Using a CAD program like Solidworks is great. It allows us to make slight modifications and upgrades. We can get that detail and virtual 3d perspective before we ever cut into a piece of steel.  


In 2010 Spray Arc expanded into the truck rigging market. It was a new and challenging opportunity and honestly a bit of a learning curve. Over time we expanded and built our second facility, dedicated to serving in this market.   


Our High Definition Hypertherm CNC plasma cutting torch has a large 8 x 24 table. This torch, with surecut and truehole technology can process various thicknesses of metal into parts with tight repeatable tolerances 

Spray arc hydraulics services

Hydraulic components installed and coupled to our FTX 31 and FTX 41, series cabinets, coolers and bulkheads, are a perfect and reliable fit for your truck's  system. Maximizing simple, heavy duty designs but not compromising on storage or looks.